ShowerStick Shower Water Softener

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  • Comes with all the necessary hardware to hook up to your 1/2″ NPT universal shower head wall pipe
  • The ShowerStick body is made of durable 3” Schedule 40 PVC pipe
  • Dimensions of ShowerStick body: 4″ diameter (with end caps) x 18″ length
  • Fully assembled length from shower pipe to bottom of hose loop is 37″ and 23″ to bottom of ShowerStick body (42″ and 28″ with KDF filter installed)
  • Weight of ShowerStick when full of water with all additional parts is approximately 7.5 pounds
  • The lifespan of the resin is up to 10 years if it’s regenerated as needed and is protected from chlorine if present. Otherwise, the lifespan may be shorter.
  • 1.8 GPM continuous flow


  • ShowerStick true water softener PVC body with softening resin inside
  • Handheld shower head and hose
  • Shower arm mount with Angle Connector attached
  • Hard water test kit
  • Regeneration port opening for easy regeneration of the resin
  • Plumber’s Thread Seal Tape

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  1. Ansar


    I have been using the ShowerStick for about 3 months now and completely love it! I suffer from seborrheic dermatitis and recently moved to an area with hard water that was causing my skin to flare-up. I tried multiple different shower filters but none of them worked because they didn’t actually soften the water. The ShowerStick has completely solved this though! The water is soft and you can feel it because of the slippery feeling you get in your hands when using soap or shampoo. The flare-ups completely disappeared and my skin is back to being healthy! The other reason I would highly recommend this product is because of the service you receive. Since purchasing, I’ve contacted Lisa at least 5-6 or times by phone/email to ask questions I had about the product. In each instance, she replied promptly and gave such a thorough and honest answer that it felt like I was talking to a close friend who was genuinely concerned about what was best for me. I never expected to receive this level of customer service and am so happy to have come across this company. Thanks for everything Watersticks, you’ve earned my loyalty!

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  2. Melissa


    Hello, I think this is the first time I’ve written an email expressing my love for a product. Words can not express how grateful I am to have found the ShowerStick. I moved to central Florida three years ago and had issues with my previously healthy skin since day one. Constant breakouts, dry, itchy patches, and redness. On top of that, my hair was dry and brittle, color wouldn’t keep, and there was always build up on my scalp. I’m only 27, but attributed it all to getting old. I thought this was it! I moved to a different city two years ago (still in central Florida) and my problems only became worse. I was in constant discomfort, extremely frustrated, and was losing hope. I saw multiple dermatologists, and spent hundreds (honestly, possibly thousands) on skincare products. I was diagnosed with multiple types of acne, dermatitis, and possibly rosacea. I was put on antibiotics, given handfuls of creams, and was told to follow ridiculous routines that only irritated my skin further. I tried water filters with little to no luck, but had never thought that hard water may be the culprit. I started looking into water softeners, but currently rent so am unable to install my own. I came across the ShowerStick on Reddit. I started reading about hard water symptoms, finding myself relating to every single one. Without second thought, I placed my order. Here I am, only 2 weeks later with skin that is almost completely clear, hair that has life again, and so much more confidence and happiness. (By the way, our shower water tested at 17 grains before our ShowerStick!) I cannot thank you enough for creating such a wonderful product. I tell everyone about it every chance that I get. I’ve even converted my boyfriend who didn’t think we would benefit from a filter (nonetheless a softener!) into a soft water fan for life — his beard and skin are “super soft” now.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Truly.

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  3. Sherry


    I moved into a rental with heavy iron in the water during the summer of 2014. My hair became dry, brittle, and discolored. My hairdresser told me that I would need to stop washing my hair with the well water, or I would need to look for a wig to wear, as it was breaking and falling out. In October, I purchased the ShowerStick Shower Water Softener with iron control. This is a great product, and easy to use. I have no regrets with the purchase, and after 2 years, the ShowerStick is still working well. Thank you for a great product!

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