WaterSticks is a family owned and family operated company dedicated to creating effective and affordable portable water softeners since 2004.

We started out making the Mini Stick for ourselves to take with us on RV trips since the water was so hard at different campgrounds in various states. Then we decided to make it larger for longer camping trips so the RV Stick was born. We started to notice that our friends and family were also interested in the RV Stick and some of the other campers at the RV campgrounds and resorts so we decided to sell them on eBay. Then one day a woman from FL called. She noticed our RV Stick online and said she had eczema and wanted to know if we could make something similar for the shower. Of course we loved the idea so we made one for ourselves and one for her. She loved it and we loved it so we added it to eBay. We soon discovered that lots of people loved it! So we created a website and the ShowerStick has been our biggest seller ever since.

  • Our watersticks are designed and built at our facility in San Diego, CA. – Made in the USA with parts that are sourced from within the USA
  • Customer service is extremely important to us. We make every effort to ensure that we answer all of your questions completely, that you understand how our products work and that we answer your calls and emails promptly
  • We oversee the entire process from start to finish for every waterstick made to ensure that you receive a well-made quality product
  • We take pride in each and every waterstick that gets delivered from our family to yours

Our mission is a simple one…
To provide portable and affordable soft water to help those who suffer with skin and/or hair conditions/issues so they can live more comfortably.

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