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  • Comes with all the necessary hardware to hook up to your 1/2″ NPT universal shower head wall pipe
  • The ShowerStick body is made of durable 3” Schedule 40 PVC pipe
  • Dimensions of ShowerStick body: 4″ diameter (with end caps) x 18″ length
  • Fully assembled length from shower pipe to bottom of hose loop is 37″ and 23″ to bottom of ShowerStick body (42″ and 28″ with KDF filter installed)
  • Weight of ShowerStick when full of water with all additional parts is approximately 7.5 pounds
  • The lifespan of the resin is up to 10 years if it’s regenerated as needed and is protected from chlorine if present. Otherwise, the lifespan may be shorter.
  • 1.8 GPM continuous flow


  • ShowerStick true water softener PVC body with softening resin inside
  • Handheld shower head and hose
  • Shower arm mount with Angle Connector attached
  • Hard water test kit
  • Regeneration port opening for easy regeneration of the resin
  • Plumber’s Thread Seal Tape

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  1. Heather Valencia

    You saved my SKIN and my MONEY

    Heather Valencia

    Holy Moly. I am the happiest gal on the earth. I have never suffered from excema. In fact I thought it was something you just had to be born with. NOPE. I moved into my new house, and about 30 days in, my skin all over my body was in complete shock. I have an excema flare under my arms that is just terrible!! It’s unsightly. I itch EVERYWHERE! Especially all the crevices. The water stick is such an inexpensive solution to a HUGE water softener system. It’s so easy to install and it’s able to be used right away and lasts for up to 10 years??? It’s incredible. You can’t put a price on incredible healthy skin and hair. Hard water can do terrible damage. As I have learned. I took my first shower tonight and I can’t praise this device enough. The water feels amazing and my skin will be repaired in 30 days. My hair has never felt so good. In fact, I’ll come back here and update you with the results. Even with a before and after photo of my terrible temporary excema due to the hard water and high alkalinity in my home. Please never stop making the Waterstick. I hope you have a patent on this because you should be making millions. Everyone should buy one! I should have bought this when I lived in an apartment! What a solution!

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  2. Darcy

    Fantastic - It's a Miracle!

    Darcy (verified owner)

    I can’t sing your company’s praises highly enough! Thank you so much for this incredible invention! I grew up with hard water so am well aware of the issues – the flat, brassy, weighted-down-with-gunk hair and the dry skin. I am now in a home with the same hard water and tried everything – lemon juice and vinegar rinses, hard-water stripping treatments at the salon, having to get special twice-monthly shampoos at the salon just to have decent-looking hair and was getting so discouraged. My skin was suffering and my hair was beginning to shed much more than it should have. I was so thrilled the day I installed the Showerstick – it was easy to install and my first shower was heavenly. My hair was soft and more full and my skin felt wonderful. Lisa in customer service was an absolute gem and I just so deeply grateful for this amazing product – again, thank you!

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  3. Lebby

    Life changing!


    I grew up with soft water from a well that had sulfur in it. As a result of that, my sister, mother and I had always had soft, manageable, fast-growing hair while living at home, but I always thought it was good genes and not our soft water. I recently moved into town with my boyfriend and something changed. My dirty blond hair got darker, dry, stiff, and no matter how much I washed it, it felt coated with heavy residue with an itchy, scaly buildup on my scalp. It also started breaking and thinning out at the root. It took me months to figure out hard water was the culprit. My mother had always said to beware of “city water”, but I didn’t know it was this bad. We tried various filters, hard water/chelating shampoos/treatments (which dried my hair out more), and even rinsing my hair with store-bought spring water. All to no avail.

    I was on the brink of tears over the state of my hair and skin when my boyfriend found this site. We ordered one right away and the kit told us our water very hard! Which I knew because of the state of my hair and skin and the white buildup on our shampoo bottles.

    After the install, the change was like night and day. I no longer fear taking a shower. I can relax under the water because it doesn’t feel like it’s assaulting me. My skin and hair feel soft and clean. No more dulling, drying mineral buildup or that “sticky-dry” sensation on the skin. My scalp doesn’t feel tender to the touch and shampoo actually lathers! I am an anxious person with sensory issues and showers calm me down so this means the world to me. And it’s only been a few washes! I can’t thank the folks at Watersticks enough for this fantastic product. Maybe now I can grow my hair out.

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