Perfect for Soft Water on the go

Our $70 water softener is called the Mini Stick. It can be used to soften water for all kinds of uses including but not limited to:

  • Filling water containers to be used during camping trips to wash hair and hands, etc.
  • In a humidifier
  • In a carpet cleaning machine
  • In an espresso or cappuccino machine
  • In a spa or jacuzzi
  • In an aquarium
  • In patio misters
  • For bathing dogs or other animals (can easily be hooked up to a utility sink or garden hose)
  • Note: The Mini Stick is not designed for use in a shower. For soft water in your shower, please visit our ShowerStick page

The Mini Stick is our smallest water softener so it contains a smaller amount of resin. This means it will need to be regenerated more often than our larger softeners. Using the hard water test kit (included) will help you determine when regeneration will need to be performed. If you’d like a larger version of the Mini Stick so you won’t need to regenerate as often, please see our “Portable RV Water Softener”. The Mini Stick and the RV Stick are the same other than the size and therefore the volume of resin inside. The Portable is 4 times larger than the Mini Stick so because it has 4 times more resin, it will last 4 times longer before needing to be regenerated.