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  • Comes with all the necessary hardware to hook up to your 1/2″ NPT universal shower head wall pipe
  • The ShowerStick body is made of durable 3” Schedule 40 PVC pipe
  • Dimensions of ShowerStick body: 4″ diameter (with end caps) x 18″ length
  • Fully assembled length from shower pipe to bottom of hose loop is 37″ and 23″ to bottom of ShowerStick body (42″ and 28″ with KDF filter installed)
  • Weight of ShowerStick when full of water with all additional parts is approximately 7.5 pounds
  • The lifespan of the resin is up to 10 years if it’s regenerated as needed and is protected from chlorine if present. Otherwise, the lifespan may be shorter.
  • 1.8 GPM continuous flow


  • ShowerStick true water softener PVC body with softening resin inside
  • Handheld shower head and hose
  • Shower arm mount with Angle Connector attached
  • Hard water test kit
  • Regeneration port opening for easy regeneration of the resin
  • Plumber’s Thread Seal Tape

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  1. Christina B.

    Christina B. (verified owner)

    The showerstick has been a godsend!! I signed a lease on a house that has well water. I thought, “no big deal, I’ve lived in well water before”. Not well water like this! It comes out brown/reddish colored, and smells like pennies. I’d tried a couple shower head filters from Amazon.. and noticed the water still smelled, my nails were now becoming stained brown, and hands/feet/hair super dry.. Yuck!! How am I going to live the next few months like this?! It’s only been 2 weeks and it’s only going to get worse. Thankfully, I read an Amazon review under a showerhead filter that said they don’t work- the only thing that works are showersticks. So I checked out the showerstick website and gave a call to ask some questions. I was met with a wonderful conversation, and a wealth of knowledge/tips to help me in my rusty water situation. I ordered the showerstick along with the add on filter- I was *serious* about doing it the right way, and getting out all the contaminants. I was counting down the days of my delivery and installed my showerstick right when it got dropped off! Set up was super easy- I just had to make a few adjustments, as there was a slight leak at the top part at first. All good after that! And let me tell you.. that first shower was GLORIOUS!!! Clean, clear, amazing feeling water (and no more funny smell!) My skin felt so soft, and truly clean after! I used the test kit that was included, to see the difference between my regular water, and water that went through the showerstick filter. It took 13 (!!!) drops of the solution to get sudsing with my untreated water.. only 1 drop of the solution that went through the showerstick! Massive difference!
    So grateful that I’ll be able to enjoy my shower time from here on out.. I appreciate the wonderful service, time spent chatting, and phenomenal product! Yay showerstick :D

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  2. Shey

    Shey (verified owner)

    Truly one of a kind product. My home is in San Diego County and I have a water softener system but I am living in Thailand for 4 months. The water here is quite hard and I have very sensitive acne prone skin. I ordered the shower-stick and am so thankful for it. Finally a product I can have soft water during my travels.

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  3. Kristen

    Kristen (verified owner)

    At this time I have had the shower stick for 3 months or so and am extremely grateful for this product. Previously in my house I had a water softening and RO system, but after moving into my apartment I noticed all sorts of ailments with my skin and hair (hair being gunky/slimy and skin scaly and dry). After much research, many different hair and skin products, I have a cabinet full now, I decided to purchase a filter for the shower which helped a lot (the gunk was mostly gone), but did not eliminate all issues.

    Someone reviewing the water filter I purchased on Amazon mentioned “water sticks” and using a “shower stick” – wow – what a difference. The reason I went back to the product reviews for the filter, was to find out what others were encountering since my issues were not solved. Well, the moment I saw this mentioned in the reviews I went after it – and what a great customer service. Now my hair is soft and feels like hair and my skin has been clearing up feeling so much better. I added my review for that particular water filter as well – also mentioning “shower stick” and “water sticks” after having purchased the shower stick and used it for a little while.

    And as someone else noted in the review section of the shower stick – I don’t know why this site or product did not come up throughout my searches other than the customer review on Amazon. Thank you again!!!

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