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  • Comes with all the necessary hardware to hook up to your 1/2″ NPT universal shower head wall pipe
  • The ShowerStick body is made of durable 3” Schedule 40 PVC pipe
  • Dimensions of ShowerStick body: 4″ diameter (with end caps) x 16″ length
  • Fully assembled length from shower pipe to bottom of hose loop is 35″ and 19″ to bottom of ShowerStick body (40″ and 24″ with KDF filter installed) The shower head adds 8″ height from the shower pipe bottom tip
  • Weight of ShowerStick when full of water with all additional parts is approximately 6.5 pounds
  • The lifespan of the resin is up to 10 years if it’s regenerated as needed and is protected from chlorine if present. Otherwise, the lifespan may be shorter.
  • 1.8 GPM continuous flow


  • ShowerStick true water softener PVC body with softening resin inside
  • Handheld shower head and hose
  • Shower arm mount with Angle Connector attached
  • Hard water test kit
  • Regeneration port opening for easy regeneration of the resin
  • Plumber’s Thread Seal Tape
  • 2 red air plugs to seal off the ends when stored or not in use


WATERSTICKS is not responsible or financially liable for any water damage, property damage, or personal injury, direct or indirect, that may occur from normal and correct use of the products we sell, catastrophic failure of the products we sell, failure to properly connect the units to the water supply lines, and/or failure to understand and observe the proper water pressure ratings and requirements for these units. Use, install, and monitor all of our products solely at your own risk. Do not expose any of these units to freezing temperatures or expose them to air for an extended period of time during non-use.

  • In all circumstances, WATERSTICKS’ maximum liability is limited to the purchase price of the product(s) sold.
  • WATERSTICKS has no liability toward any plumbing fees or bills nor any or all plumbing work and connecting these units to the water supply is done at your own risk.
  • WATERSTICKS is not responsible for any leaks or water damage.
  • For all WATERSTICKS products, determination of product suitability, application use of the product, and the fitness of a product for a particular purpose is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

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  1. P D


    P D (verified owner)

    My hard well water was destroying my hair, skin, and self confidence. I spent months searching for a solution. Spending thousands of dollars on a water softener was out of the question for me. A filter wouldn’t work since it doesn’t soften water. That’s when I came across this product in a Reddit form. It literally was exactly what I needed. I noticed a different in my hair I’m skin just in the first week. This really is a life saver and has lifted a lot of stress out of my life.

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  2. Tracey



    I don’t usually write reviews but I have to for this one. There is no other water softener available that truly softens the water without buying a full in house system – that’s not only expensive – but that you can’t install if you live in an apartment or most condos. Don’t be fooled by “shower filters” because they do NOT soften the water. Waterstick… filters AND softens the water and differentiates this one from any other on the market (make sure to purchase the very inexpensive KDF filter with it for filtering).

    I’ve had mine for 7 years and just purchased another for a 2nd bthrm. Once you use the Waterstick you’ll never go back to wanting to shower in unsoftened hard water. The regeneration process is so simple (pouring water and salt mixture in the port) and you’ll notice a difference in your hair and skin immediately, use much less shampoo and soap, in addition to your shower staying cleaner. I can’t say enough good things about this product. Well well well worth the money even if it was double the price.

    I always sound like I work for the company because I feel so strongly about a product that does what it says and is a TRUE water softener and not just a filter.

    You won’t be disappointed and their customer service is so helpful and responsive.

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  3. Susan

    Wow! What a difference! This is the product I've been looking for!

    Susan (verified owner)

    Today I installed my Watersticks water softening unit. I included the KDF accessory. It was easy to install – I referred to both the videos in your library and the written instructions. The written instructions alone were all I really needed – they were very clear. I tested the water before I installed and it tested as very hard, requiring 10 or 11 drops. After a successful and easy installation I took my first shower. WOW! I could FEEL the difference. The water felt silky. My skin feels softer. With ONE shower! After my shower, I tested the water and it required just one drop – so it went from very hard to the softest level of soft. I’m overjoyed. This has made my day. I have been losing a lot of hair and I suspect that showering in very hard water for 15 years has played a role. I can’t wait to see if the hair fall lessens over time now. I expect it will, though to be fair there are a lot of reasons that hair fall can increase. Out of the gate I will say this purchase was so worth it and I am grateful that WaterSticks products exist. I had been looking for several years for something to soften my shower water. Because I live in a large apartment building, whole home systems are simply not an option. Other in-shower systems filter but don’t soften. I feel like I hit the jackpot!

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