ShowerStick regeneration instructions:

When to Regenerate:

You don’t need to regenerate your ShowerStick prior to its first use. How often you regenerate depends on your water hardness, how many people are using the shower and how often, the duration of each shower and the water pressure. After you install the ShowerStick, use the test kit and you’ll see  that you now have soft water (0-3 drops/grains). Repeat this process after each shower and when the test kit shows your water is no longer soft, you’ll know it’s time to regenerate. Now you’ll know how many showers you can take before needing to regenerate again in the future and will no longer need to use the test kit. (Note: Don’t test the water right after regenerating – the salt still inside from regenerating will test as a mineral so the salt needs to be flushed out first for at least 2 minutes). At what point you choose to regenerate is up to your personal preference. Some people who have skin disorders will regenerate at 3-4 grains while others are fine regenerating at 7 grains.
(Water hardness in grains: Soft = 0-3, Moderately Hard = 3-7, Hard = 7-10, Very Hard = 10-14, Extremely Hard = 14+).

How to Regenerate:

1. Remove the regeneration port cap and gently place the shower head on your shower floor to allow the water to drain (takes about 2 minutes).
2. Prepare your salt water solution. Using an empty 1 liter water or soft drink bottle, pour 1 cup (or 3/4 cup if you have the ShowerStick with IRON CONTROL resin) granulated (fine grain) table salt (plain or iodized) into the bottle and fill with hot tap water (hot water dissolves the salt faster but you can use any temperature water). Shake well until the salt is dissolved.
Tip: Coarse grain salts such as softening salt, rock salt, sea salt, kosher salt, and potassium chloride should not be used since they won’t dissolve completely in the water and therefore won’t thoroughly regenerate the resin.
Tip: Draw a line on the bottle to show where the salt came up to so you don’t have to measure the salt again in the future.
3. With the shower head still on the floor, slowly (don’t use a funnel) pour your salt water solution into the regeneration port. If the salt water backs up while pouring it inside, give it a few seconds to drain out. If salt is left at the bottom of the bottle undissolved, pour some more hot water into the bottle, shake, then pour inside. The more the salt is dissolved, the better job it will do to regenerate the resin.
4. Once all the salt water flows out through the shower head and into the drain (takes about 2 min.), put the shower head back up in the MOUNT and re-attach the REGENERATION PORT CAP.
Tip: If you’re not super strong, using your bath towel to tighten the CAP one more last notch can be helpful.
5.. Turn the water on and let it run for 15-30 seconds to fill the ShowerStick back up with water (to keep the resin moist) and to rinse the residual salt through the resin to finish the regeneration process. You now have soft water again and can take a shower whenever you’d like.

NOTE: Our previous regeneration instructions also work great and can continue to be used. However, after extensive testing we’ve found that with our current instructions the duration between regenerations needed is slightly extended.