The RV Stick

Portable RV Water Softener

Our portable RV water softeners was designed to soften the water supply in RVs and can easily be installed inline with your water supply or to fill your fresh water tank. It can also be used to soften water in boats, carpet cleaning machines, spas or Jacuzzi, patio misters, humidifiers, espresso or cappuccino machines, aquariums, etc. It’s easy to connect with water hose fittings (included) to any water hose (not included). It can be installed and used in any position (other softeners must stand upright) and the water can flow through it in either direction. Unlike other water softeners you cannot lose your resin and contaminate your RV’s water tank or water lines by hooking it up backwards (accidental back flow will not cause any problems). The resin can be regenerated easily with salt water.

The resin beads inside the WaterStick soften water through a process called “ion exchange”. The resin beads attract hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium. As the minerals pass over the resin beads they stick to the surface of the beads which traps them inside the WaterStick. After the resin beads collect all the minerals they can hold, the resin needs to be regenerated. This will flush out the hard water minerals the resin has collected.

  • Prevents ugly hard water build-up caused by calcium and magnesium
  • Alleviates dry skin, dry and frizzy hair and itchy scalp (soft water is also great for dogs or other animals who suffer with skin diseases or disorders)
  • No more scale buildup in your holding tanks
  • Extends the life and efficiency of your water heater and plumbing fixtures
  • Great for washing RVs, autos, boats, etc.
  • Detergents, hand soaps and shampoos will produce more suds
  • Your laundry will be cleaner, brighter and softer
  • No expensive chemicals, filters or cartridges to replace
  • Quick and easy to regenerate
  • Doesn’t waste water during regeneration – uses only 1/2 gallon instead of letting the water run through for 20 minutes or more (as with other systems) using 20 to 40 times more water
  • Made of non corrosive materials
  • Because you’re pouring all the salt and all the water for the regeneration process into the WaterStick and shaking it up for a thorough mixing of the salt with the resin and letting it flow through, you don’t have to remember to return in 20 minutes as with other portable water softeners to turn the water off. With those softeners, if you forget to turn the water off, you are then filling that water softener with minerals and depleting its capacity. If the water runs long enough, you’ll have hard water again and will have to regenerate it once more
  • Costs far less than other systems on the market while delivering the same soft water
  • SIZE: Made with 4” PVC pipe and is 5” in diameter X 21″ long (24″ with fittings)
  • WEIGHT: Approximately 12lbs when full of water
  • LIFESPAN: The life of the resin is up to 10 years with proper regenerations and maintenance
  • GPM: 4.5 GPM continuous flow with normal water pressure
  • WaterStick body with softening resin inside
  • Standard male and female water hose connection fittings
  • Cap and plug for the ends to use for water tight storage between uses
  • Hard water test kit
  • Periodically shake up the resin inside to loosen it up
  • Periodically switch the inlet and outlet ends
  • Cap off the ends when not in use to keep the resin from drying out which will end its life (comes with a cap and plug for the ends)
  • Store your WaterStick somewhere where it won’t freeze

Regeneration is done by pouring a solution of salt (fine grain plain or iodized table salt) and water into the WaterStick. Regeneration instructions: Click here»

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