Hard Water Test Strips

Not sure if you have hard or soft water?
Our hard water test strips are simple to use!

Soft water: 0-51 ppm, 0-3 grains
Moderately hard water: 51-119 ppm, 3-7 grains
Hard water: 119-170 ppm, 7-10 grains
Very hard water: 170-238 ppm, 10-14 grains
Extremely hard water: 238+ ppm, 14+ grains

Water districts measure water hardness in “ppm” (parts per million). Many water softening companies and hard water test kits measure water hardness in “grains”.

grains x 17.1 = ppm
ppm/17.1 = grains
12 grains = 204 ppm

After you install the ShowerStick, follow the instructions on the test strips package and you’ll see your water is now soft. As you take more showers, continue using the test strips and when they show the water is no longer soft, then you should regenerate. If you determine it needs to be regenerated after every 5 showers and you take 5 showers per week then you can make a mental note to do it every Monday for example.

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