Softener Deionizer Stick

Spot Free Car Washing

Get Spot Free Car Washing with the Softener Deionizer! It will both soften and deionize the water to give you spot free results when washing or rinsing cars, RVs, boats,  solar panels, windows, motorcycles, airplanes, trucks, boat isinglass, surgical instruments, etc. No more hand drying!

For completely spot free results, the water needs to be both softened to remove hard water minerals AND deionized to remove TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).  Softened water will leave some spots but softened AND deionized water will leave no spots.


  • Perfect for washing or rinsing cars, RVs, boats (and boat isinglass windows), motorcycles, airplanes, windows, solar panels, or anything you don’t want to have to hand dry
  • Installs on any standard water hose (at hose end or inline)
  • Removes calcium, magnesium, iron and “TDS” (Total Dissolved Solids)
  • No hand drying; no spots; no steaks
  • Sparkling spot free results on anything you rinse
  • More water flow for faster, easier and more thorough rinsing
  • Saves time and labor
  • Note: The water from the Softener Deionizer is not potable (drinkable)


  • SIZE: The “Softener Deionizer” is made with 2” PVC pipe and is 3” in diameter (with end couplings) x 33” long (28? w/out trigger sprayer)
  • YIELD: Produces approximately 75 gallons of softened/deionized water at 10 grains hardness (depends on your water hardness – see chart below under Yield)
  • GPM: 2 GPM continuous water flow at 60 PSI water pressure


  • WaterStick body with mixed bed resin inside
  • 1 resin refill order (includes 3 resin refills) 
  • Standard male and female water hose connection fittings
  • Cap and plug for the ends to use for water tight storage between uses
  • Trigger sprayer
  • Hard water test kit


  • Cap off the ends when not in use to keep the resin from drying out which will end its life (comes with a cap and plug for the ends)
  • Store your WaterStick somewhere where it won’t freeze


Contains mixed bed resin beads that attract minerals and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in your water. As the minerals and TDS pass over the resin beads they stick to the surface of the beads which traps them in the WaterStick. After the resin beads collect all the minerals and TDS they can hold, the resin needs to be replaced. You’ll be able to tell it’s time to replace the resin because you’ll no longer get spot free results and the hard water test kit (included) will show the water no longer testing as soft (0 – 3 grains).

Spot Free Car Washing

(includes resin inside + 3 resin refills)

(includes 3 resin refills)

**BUY 2, GET 1 FREE!!**
No coupon code needed…when you order 2 refills, you’ll automatically receive 3.

The resins inside the Softener Deionizer cannot be regenerated with salt water so they need to be replaced.


The chart below shows an approximate number of gallons of soft and deionized water that will be produced according to different grains of water hardness when using the “Softener Deionizer”:

Water HardnessSoft/Deionized Water
1.25 grains600 gallons
2.5 grains300 gallons
5 grains150 gallons
15 grains50 gallons
20 grains38 gallons

Note: Beware of claims that water softeners give spot free results. All water softeners that are regenerated using salt will remove calcium, magnesium and some iron but they won’t remove all of the “TDS” (Total Dissolved Solids) so they will leave some spots. In order to obtain spot free results, the water has to be both “softened” to remove hard water minerals and “deionized” to remove the “TDS”. This is done by using both softening and deionizing resin and the deionizing resin can’t be regenerated with salt water so it needs to be replaced. If you need spot free results, the Softener Deionizer will do the job!