Why can’t I just use a water softener to remove the spots?

Softened water will leave some spots but softened and deionized water will leave no spots. This is because although softening resin will remove hard water minerals, it won’t give you spot free results because it doesn’t remove the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the water as the deionized resin does.

Can I use the Car Washing Softener Deionizer with a pressure washer?

Yes, as long as it does not require more than 3 GPM inlet water flow. We recommend that you only use the softened and deionized water for the final rinse so you don’t waste it.

I have a whole-house softener. Why can’t I use the Softener Deionizer with only the deionized resin inside?

The softening resin inside the Softener Deionizer (SD) is different from the softening resin coming from your water softener. It is hydrogen based vs sodium based (this is why your softener can be regenerated with salt water). The hydrogen based softening resin works well with the deionized resin (like a team – they complement each other) but the sodium based softening resin would neutralize the deionized resin. And if you have soft water coming into the SD this will only improve the performance of the resins inside the SD. If you do hook up the SD to water that is already softened from a whole house softener then you won’t be able to use our hard water test kit to determine when you need to replace the resin since your water will always test as soft. Instead, you’d need to use a TDS meter (to see if the deionized resin is still working) or you’ll know when you start to see water spots that the resin is exhausted.

Can I rinse outside windows with the Softener Deionizer and avoid using a squeegee or paper towels to prevent spots?

Yes, but first you must wash the windows with soap & water using a brush, sponge or rag and then rinse them followed by a final rinse using the water from the SD. And the SD is capable of reaching second story windows with adequate water pressure.

Can I remove the trigger sprayer and insert a section of garden hose?

Yes, but all the softened/deionized water remaining in that hose will be wasted when you finish your rinsing. The reason most ask this question is because they are thinking it will be tiring to hold the Softener Deionizer while rinsing. We have found that because you only rinse sections of a car, RV, boat, etc. at a time for only a few seconds, there is really no fatigue so we don’t think the hose is needed.

How Should I Store My WaterStick?

Leave some water inside and put the plug and cap on the ends. This way everything is sealed up and the resin is kept moist so it doesn’t dry out which would end its life. Always store your waterstick somewhere where it won’t freeze.

How often do I need to replace the resin in the Car Washing Softener Deionizer?

You should replace the resin when the hard water test kit (included) shows the water is testing as no longer being soft (0 – 3 grains) or when you are no longer getting spot free results.