Can I use the RV Stick or the Mini Stick with a pressure washer?

Yes, as long as your pressure washer does not require more than 4.5 to 5.0 GPM of water.

Can I use the RV Stick or the Mini Stick for my carpet cleaning machine?

Yes, almost all commercial carpet cleaning machine manufacturers require that you use soft water in their machines or their warranty becomes void.

Why am I having trouble pouring the salt solution into the RV Stick or the Mini Stick during the regeneration process?

This can happen if the filter basket in the inlet end of the RV Stick or the Mini Stick becomes clogged with sediment from your water system or well. You can fix this by swapping the male and female hose fittings on the WaterStick to opposite ends. Hook up the water inlet hose and flush out the sediment, drain the WaterStick, cap off the exit end, pour in the salt water solution and continue the regeneration process. You do not need to reverse the hose fittings back to their original position because the RV Stick or the Mini Stick can be used in either direction.

How Should I Store My WaterStick?

Leave some water inside and put the plug and cap on the ends. This way everything is sealed up and the resin is kept moist so it doesn’t dry out which would end its life. Always store your waterstick somewhere where it won’t freeze.

How will I know when to regenerate & how do I regenerate?

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